“Some people are good presenters. Some are good writers. Some are good at developing businesses, motivating staff, spotting and developing opportunities. Some are good at engaging with people. Tony Rogers manages to combine all these skills with a modesty that does him credit. He’s a gentleman – and he’s bloody good at what he does!” Richard McCann, PhD, MBA, CEO of Friday’s PR www.fridaysPR.com


“I have worked with Tony on numerous occasions. Tony is a gracious, knowledgeable and extremely personable gentleman who takes time to ensure that all details and perspectives are covered of whatever project is undertaken. I admire his tenacity for detail, robust sense of fairness and willingness to approach new tasks analytically, producing excellent results every time. I would be happy to fully recommend Tony.” Rachel Ley, Managing Director, RLC Productions


“I cannot recommend Tony highly enough – Tony has forgotten more than most folk know about the business tourism industry! Tony is great to work with and is always on-task and results-driven, which means he always produces desired outcomes for his client. Tony’s methodical approach and amazing attention to detail are legendary amongst his peers and I still have a brilliant working relationship with Tony and ‘page the oracle’ regularly as a colleague and a friend!” Tracy Johnson, Marketing Director, FAB!


“I view Tony as the ultimate source of industry information, but he has never been too busy to stop and help a greener colleague, which is frankly amazing given the workload he has always juggled.” Sarah Webster, Webster Wright Marketing Communications (and past Director of the Incentive Travel & Meetings Association)

“Few people can justly claim to have the depth and breadth of knowledge of the meetings industry that Tony Rogers has accumulated through his many years of experience at the cutting edge of developments in destination marketing, conference planning and conference education and training. His contribution in these fields is unrivalled, and his valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the meetings industry in the UK and beyond put him in an ideal position to work in partnership with those who are charged with developing this sector now and in the years that lie ahead.” Rob Davidson, internationally renowned writer, speaker and trainer (with his own consultancy, MICE Knowledge) and formerly Senior Lecturer (Conference and Event Management) at the University of Greenwich


"Tony has superb experience and I hold him in very high regard. I would happily use Tony for any work we are doing." Michael McCormick, Partner, The Destination Agency

“Tony headed up BACD for many successful years and I had the pleasure of working closely with him, first as Vice-Chair and then as Chair of the association, from 2001-2003. Tony is a leading authority on the conference industry and an extremely hardworking, genuine and discreet person who inspires respect and is highly respectful of others. I very much enjoyed working with him.” Mady Keup, Marketing and Tourism Professor and Head of MSc in Strategic Tourism Management and MSc in Events and Meetings Management at CERAM Business School (France)

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Tony over many years. He should not underestimate the impact that he made on the conference and events industry and all the business he has brought into the UK directly and indirectly.” Gina Glot, Urban Centres Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (and Chair of BACD 1995-6)


“Tony’s contribution in growing the membership and bringing ABPCO into the 21st century has really been fantastic. It has been a real pleasure to work with him and we have all benefited hugely from his patience, professionalism and general good humour.” Lynn Samson, Managing Director, MCI Glasgow (and past Executive Committee member of ABPCO)

“ABPCO went from strength to strength under Tony’s stewardship. His ambassadorial management, project management and communication skills combined with his commitment and dedication benefited ABPCO as an organisation, the sector nationally and those members who worked with him. When I was Chairman of ABPCO, I enjoyed his support and guidance given with wise words and humour.” Peter Mainprice, Managing Director, Index Communications Meetings Services and Chairman of ABPCO 2001-2004


“With Tony’s steady and faithful hand on the tiller, everything about ABPCO was put on a much more professional and business-like basis. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to him for providing the framework in which the Association could grow and flourish. Everything Tony does is done conscientiously, and with unfailing kindness and courtesy.” Sharon Moncur, Director, Professional Conference & Project Management and member of the ABPCO Executive Committee 2006-8

“I could always count on Tony’s good advice and pleasant, cheerful and helpful nature. I am grateful for all the help and support he gave me when I was manager of the Staffordshire Conference Bureau.” Sam Hall, Tourism Marketing Officer, Stoke-on-Trent Tourism

“Tony has been a fantastic help and source of advice over the years.” Natalie Wyatt, Head of visitBlackpool


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